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In the Community

Being a leader in children’s health means doing our part to make sure the Kansas City region is a healthy place to grow up. Children's Mercy engages in meaningful programs, opportunities, and partnerships that improve the lives of children beyond the walls of our hospital. These initiatives help support the hospital’s mission and bring solutions to some of our community’s most pressing health issues. 

The programs and activities that Children’s Mercy supports across our community are known as Community Benefit. In Fiscal Year 2017, Children’s Mercy recorded close to $200 million in programs and activities that support the health and well-being of children across the community. The Children’s Mercy triennial Community Health Needs Assessment identifies current conditions affecting children’s health in the Kansas City region.

To request Children’s Mercy’s participation in a health fair, conference or event OR if staff need education, training or support related to a children’s health issue,  please submit the online form. Requests are reviewed weekly, and a representative will contact you to confirm participation. We are best able to accommodate requests that provide a lead time of a month or more.

The Sports Medicine Center provides athletic training services and outreach coverage to many local high schools.

Community efforts are targeted at the health needs identified in a triennial Community Health Needs Assessment and are documented annually through Community Benefit reporting.

CMAPs are committed to working together for healthier kids, sharing best practices, and collaborating with like-minded pediatricians to improve how care is delivered.

Project RISE (Reaching for Independent Successful Employment) creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Provides education, training and resources to support the highest quality of school nursing services.

Children’s Mercy and Sporting Kansas City are stepping up to help address one of the most significant social issues impacting children and teens: bullying.

Weighing In is a program at Children's Mercy that seeks to align community programs to help prevent and reduce childhood obesity.

Provides education, assessment and support to improve the health of children with asthma, allergies or other environmentally triggered illnesses.

Provides education, training and support to promote child safety and to reduce the mechanism of injury for the top five preventable childhood injuries.

The mission of the Division of Child Adversity and Resilience is to improve the lives of at-risk children, families, and communities through clinical care, community-based intervention, research, and advocacy.

Children’s Mercy and Sporting Kansas City are stepping up to help address one of the most significant social issues impacting children and teens: bullying.

Today's Pollen Count

Children’s Mercy is certified by the National Allergy Bureau and has been collecting pollen count data daily for more than 20 years, which is provided to the community. Pollen, mold and ragweed counts can be found on this site and the AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker app.